Dementia Has Been Brought Out Of The Closet And Onto The Stage

Acclaimed Singer and Songwriter 

Impacts Alzheimer’s Disease

and Illness

jonatha_brooke_w_pianoJonatha Brookes now shares another talent of hers. As a playwright, she has done an exquisite job sharing the ups and downs of her journey with her mother over the years.  This one woman play, “My Mother Has Four Noses,“comes to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 16th and 17th.

Jonatha will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Make sure to empty you bladder and be prepared to laugh, but don’t forget your tissues as when there is an up there is also a down.   You will learn the tales of “Poop Management,” and you will find yourself melting into a comfort when you hear the loving calls to “Bollie.”

my mother has 4 noses logoIt won’t take you long to feel connected to this wonderful actress, singer and musician. Her angelic voice is filled with passion and her talent well it is just downright amazing.  She brings the pain, joy and humor of her relationship with her mother to life. 

Bringing Dementia

Out Of The Closet

And Onto The Stage

Jonatha brings dementia out of the closet and onto the stage, enabling people to have an honest and open discuss about it.  She makes caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another of type of dementia doable, enjoyable and rewarding.  Jonatha shows what an honor it is to care for another no matter what the circumstances.


You will relate to Jonatha’s stories and the magical way she brings them to life through her acting and music.

Bonus On Dec 17th

Local Experts Join Jonatha

After The  Show

For A “Talk Back”

With The Audience

Jayne_clairmont_headJayne Clairmont, owner of English Rose Suites – residential care homes and B-Home – a home care company; is well known not only locally but nationally working on projects like “Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm” authored by the Dementia Initiative in Washington, DC.  Jayne is in high demand as a speaker and consultant for her insights and techniques in dementia care.

Lori_040_1LQSoftCroppedLori La Bey, owner of Alzheimer’s Speaks – an advocacy based company providing platforms to educate and engage people around the world. She was appointed as an International Ambassador for the “Purple Angel Project,” the new global symbol for dementia. Lori launched and is host of the first radio show in the world dedicated to dementia.  As a speaker, trainer and consultant her mission is to shift caregiving from crisis to comfort while developing new collaborations and delivery systems.

Join the Jonatha and the experts and share your thoughts and stories after the play on Dec 17th during the “Talk Back.”  If you can only make the show on Dec 16th, don’t worry you will walk out feeling fulfilled.

Most people say they find their minds trailing off; thinking of some similar situations to Jonatha’s that they have long forgotten.  After the performance they say they found themselves asking themselves and others many important questions like:

How do I care for others?

How do I cope as a care partner? 

How do I react when others try to care for me?

How do I take care of myself?

How do I want to be cared for and what would that look like? 

When do I feel it would be appropriate for others to assist me?

Who do I want to take care of me? 

My Mother Has Four Noses

Should Be Mandatory

Viewing For All

Jonatha demonstrates the beauty in dementia.  This exquisite play puts the audience in touch with the realities and idiosyncrasies of life.  As bizarre as this title may sound, this play exhibits how complex, and totally strange our lives really are. 

This Play Exposes The Art

Of Caregiving…

In A New Light

One which highlights the richness buried in our relationships.  One which points out the tangled web we weave throughout the years and the overlaps and connections made with others as we progress on our individual paths.

I highly recommend this play not only to those dealing with dementia, but for anyone who has or will be caring for someone now or in the future.

The Lessons Wrapped In This

Play Should Not Be Overlooked

Although this play deals with dementia its lessons are much broader and should not be overlooked. 

Kudos Jonatha for a wonderful stage play which will help raise much needed awareness for the disease.  I wish you success beyond your wildest dreams.  Thank you for your dedication, love and tenacity to write this play and share it with the world. It is very powerful. I am sure your mother is beaming with proud as she watches over you.

Hear from Jonatha herself about making an album, book and full production of her play ‘My Mother Has Four Noses’!

Check out some of Jonatha’s songs

Here is a link to an article the Jon Bream a journalist with the Star Tribune did back in August on Jonatha and the play.

For more resources regarding dementia, caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease check out our website below.




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