Act Now: Alzheimer’s Research Proposed Funding Cuts!


URGENT: White House Budget

Guts Alzheimer’s

Research Funding!

We have to speak out NOW to demand full funding for
lifesaving Alzheimer’s research and resist the
administration’s proposed cuts.

Add your name to tell Congress:

We need more funding, not less!

The Trump administration released its budget request today. It’s a disaster for all medical research, including Alzheimer’s research.

If we don’t fight back immediately,

this budget will undo years of bipartisan

progress toward a cure.

Care for people with Alzheimer’s will cost the nation $259 billion in 2017, and the only way we can reduce costs is by developing effective treatments. With more than 5.5 million Americans suffering from this devastating disease, we cannot afford the costly inaction that this budget proposes. Will you add your name to tell our legislators to oppose these devastating cuts and that we need more funding for Alzheimer’s research, not less?

Add your Name to Demand

More Funding for Alzheimer’s Research

and Resist the Proposed Cuts!

Leaders on both sides of the aisle agree that we need to do more to address this national health crisis. Now, we need to make sure that every member of Congress hears from advocates like you that stopping Alzheimer’s must be a top priority.

We’re ready to work doggedly to challenge these drastic cuts as this budget moves forward. Thank you for fighting with us.





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