Alzheimer’s Disease And A Smooch Equal Great Memories

Alzheimer’s Disease And A

Smooch Equal Great Memories

Below are pictures from the Smooch Project which came to my mother’s nursing home.  This was a fun time which created wonderful memories.  Please go check out the site and check out what they are doing  It’s a very interesting project.

I definitely confirmed a model I will never be!  In fact I  found out I don’t know how to kiss on film….LOL  My hair was constantly falling in my face, my big nose got in the way, I had to stretch my neck out to the point where my neck and back hurt by the end of the shoot…  and of course you will see my big pouty lower lip that looks like it’s going to fall on the floor.  The poor photography and my daughter were in stitches laughing at my in ability to pose correctly!  I still love the shots that were captured and will never forget this fun and funny moment in time.

I Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did while making them.  I know I’ll will cherish these moments the rest of my life.  Remember it’s not about being perfect.  It’s about connecting.  Even though my mother is in her end stages you can see her reaction to is kissing her, from “puckering up” to kiss back to “enough already” looks.
























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