Alzheimer’s Speaks – Another Honor comes Our Way!

Well I want to thank our audience here at Alzheimer’s Speaks once again for being such avid fans.  We have been newly nominated for the ALTY Best Blog award for 2013. This award highlights one specific article to base your vote on.  To read all six articles up for the nomination you can go to the “Best Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Care” articles category, which is hot-linked to the ALTY badge below.

Please note this is different award from the once I announced the other week.   We would love your support in voting for Alzheimer’s Speaks, if you feel we deserve to win.

Also note, from my view any award is not about getting the recognition for us her at Alzheimer’s Speaks, although that is nice, but more important to us is it allows us to be bettered positioned to increase awareness for dementia.

Click on the badge below to vote.  Alzheimer’s speaks is positioned last on the page next to the voting buttons.

ALTY-2013-The Best Bl0g nominee-large

Thanks again for your support. 

Together we are making a difference!

alz_spkslogofromwebsite_083112Check out all of our other resources!

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