Mom, To You With Love…


To  You with Love…

me_mom_dan_1This was a picture taken for the smooch project.  I love that Mom is puckering up to kiss Danielle and I back!

Today I went to visit my Mother in the nursing home to wish her a Happy Valentines Day.  Although she was not able to give me hug, eye contact was minimal to say the  least, and she was not able to speak a word to me; the love between us is still strong.  The connection between Mother and daughter is undeniable.

Mom’s light giggle warmed my heart as I rubbed her shoulders and the nap of her neck and held her hand.  We both revel in the touch of one another no matter how simple it is.

In parting I gave her my usual kiss, said “I love you mom” and wished her a wonderful Valentines Day telling her my daughter Danielle would be up to see her a bit later and would be bringing her some chocolate.  A curl of her lips which would be missed by most was captured by my watchful eye looking for the smallest of response.  I smiled and left with full heart, filled with love for a woman I so admire and love.


To  You with Love…

“Thank you Mom for all you have given to me over the years and who are.  I could not have asked for a better mom and am grateful to be with you on this 30 year journey with dementia.  The lessons learned have been amazing and made a better person.  You continue to be my best friend and mentor.

All My Love Always



The gift of one more day with my mom is truly a blessing.  I know in my mind this journey is nearing it’s end, and so these tiny little encounters are so very precious and priceless.  It’s important for me to focus on the moments of today, vs. falling into the pit of fear of not having her tomorrow.  I believe each one of these small moments I have captured over the years will help deal with that inevitable day of overwhelming loss that is to come.

Thank you all for your support and sharing this journey with us.





21 Replies to “Mom, To You With Love…”

  1. Beautifully written Lori. I’m glad for you, that your mom still responds to your touch. I would see my partner, Carol, on this day, her birthday, and when leaving her make the sign of the cross on her forehead, praying no harm would come to her until our next meeting. How blessed your are Lori.

    1. Thanks for writing Rose and sharing about how you and Carol connected. Say I am trying to pull the top 10 Influencer for Alzheimer’s together to do a series of radio shows to raise awareness. Are you interested?


  2. I reposted this on in the way you suggested. I may not have done it right though because I didn’t end up with a live link. I hope people will copy and paste the URL into their browser so they get to read your whole post and see that great photo. Your mother’s pucker says so much.

      1. Hey Lori,
        That picture of you and your Mom and daughter is priceless. Brings back memories of what I experienced with my mother just by touching her face and saw the reaction. They ‘know’ and I’m so glad that I had the experience of seeing my mom react just from touching.

        Keep up the good work Lori.


      2. HI Sheri,
        So nice to hear from you again. I think of you and your mother often. In fact when I made this post I thought of our past conversations and that telephone call on Halloween night where you told me the power of your visit with your mom. I will forever be grateful to you for sharing that story, not only with me but our audience here.

        Thank you so much for staying in touch

        Love you


  3. I share your sentiments and associated feelings. My mom is a fountain of never ending love and affection. I am grateful for each day with her. Thank you for sharing your story and experience. Hold your mother tight.

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