Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – Today is on Creative Caring

Today, Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio will talk in depth about Creative Caring and

how letting go can impact your life in significant ways. 

Please join us!

We are on the air live at 1pm EST, Noon Central and 10am PST, but you can always listen to the archived shows as well.

 Here is the link to the show!


“Let’s Play House” A Creative Way To Care

Caregiving Policy for a Playful Planet

Today I promise you a fascinating show!   Carlynn Reed and Jonathon Neville are two actors and dancers who have found a new way to share how they care.

Jonathon cares for his mom, Christine, who has Alzheimer.  He openly admits
“I had no love for Mom. No connection. Then I discovered Contact Dance.”

Carlynn cares for her son, Kirk and finds through letting go they are both able to begin again.

Who would have thought through an acrobatic, playful, and funny dance; these two actors and dancers would find a peaceful and promising answer to giving care.  This intense drama overlays science, dance intelligence, and caregiving igniting profound change and insights into their caring ways.  Come listen as Jonathon and Carlynn share their stories.

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