“A World Without Dis-Ease Through Finding Your Soul Purpose”

“A World Without Dis-Ease

Through Finding Your Soul Purpose”

Hope you can join us live!

If not, the show will be archived to listen to later

31 Replies to ““A World Without Dis-Ease Through Finding Your Soul Purpose””

  1. Lori:

    I look forward to this upcoming talk show. Michelle has been in the profession of geriatric care for many years. Her reputation to plan programs for indidviduals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease has been amazing. I feel that this is a critical topic because individuals with a loved one that has the disease will really appreciate learning how to engage.

  2. I have worked with Mrs. Mason for only a few months, however, have heard many great things about her ability to program for the Alzheimer’s population prior to ever meeting her. This is not a job for her but definitely a passion.

  3. I have witnessed the impact of programming that Michelle has implemented. Thank you, Michelle for changing their lives for the better!!

  4. The quality you add to the lives of our residents is something that cannot be measured! Your true understanding of this disease and the attention you lend to improving the lives of both residents and families is truly an inspiration.

  5. Greetings Lori:

    Alzheimer’s disease is a silent epidemic among the African-American community. I’m glad that you are an advocate to eliminating the discomfort of what it brings. I have two family members that have the disease and understand the importance of learning how to approach the disease without saddness and anger. I look forward to listening to Michelle speak.

    1. HI Antoine

      I feel honored to be able to help raise awareness on this issue. It is so close to my heart and soul. It ruly love my job! Thank you for your support and taking the time to write. Maybe you’ll decide to call into the show with a question or comment….


  6. If this is anything like the other presentations that I have seen Mrs. Mason give, I know it will be both inspirational and beneficial to every listener. I worked with her at Montgomery Place Retirement Community where she left a mark of EXCELLENCE for developing programs that left participants feeling WHOLE despite of their diagnosis.

  7. I’m excited to share that I work closely with Mrs. Mason on the Soul Purpose initiative. A year ago, I knew nothing about Alzheimer’s disease. Michelle convinced me that I could use my skills to change the lives of the residents. Uncertain as to how I could do that, I made one visit to Westchester Health and Rehab. It forever changed my life.

  8. I greatly look forward to this show and I have personally experienced how these services and activities have impacted the lives of the residents and their families. Residents and families of all ages and walks of life have benefited from and been touched by these wonderful people. Can’t wait to hear from this team!

  9. As Ms. Mason’s daughter, I have had the opportunity to engage in innumerable conversations with my mother regarding Alzheimer’s disease as well as witness first hand programs that she has implemented from inception to completion. It is clear that she is delighted and considers it an honor and a privilege to work with individuals living with Alzheimer’s and their families. Many do not understand the disease or how to deal with their relatives effectively. However, Ms. Mason has enlightened many on how to experience the joys of everyday life with their loved ones living with Alzheimer’s. Her work and dedication to these individuals is truly amazing, much appreciated and is beyond what words can express!

    1. HI Bryttannie
      Thank you for taking the time to share with us your insights about your Mother. I can’t wait to have her on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio,just from the brief conversations we have had I can tell she is an amazing woman. I think it will be a wonderful program! Hope you will be listening.

  10. Michelle as your mother , I applaud you for your dedication in servicing clients and their families who are experiencing the behavioral and medical challenges of Alzheimer’s. I encourage you to continue with your efforts to identify processes and interventions that will enhance and create other protocols that will assist in new research developments.
    Thank you for increasing my knowledge base.

    1. OH this is so sweet for you to have written. You have raised one heck of a gal! I have never seen this kind of response for someones work before. I am looking forward to having Michelle on the radio show so we can all learn more about her work and her passion.


  11. I look forward to hearing Ms. Mason share her wealth of knowledge about the disease. She has helped so many individuals cope with disease, and it will be a great opportunity for her to share her passion with a broader audience. She will enlighten many, and give comfort to those who have family members suffering with the disease. I will definitely be tuning in!

  12. I have worked alongside Ms. Mason for two years and have seen firsthand her passion for helping those who suffer with this illness. Her expertise in this area will make an invaluable contribution to this topic. I look forward to learning some new insights on this devastating illness.

  13. Michelle is outstanding and so eloquent. I listen to her views and advice with sincere interest because she has had extensive experience with the elderly and has a lot to contribute. I cannot wait to listen in and learn more about Alzheimers.

  14. I love seeing the brightness that is brought into the days of the beautiful people with Alzheimers by Michelle and the team 🙂 Michelle’s energy, excitement, joy, creativity, care, respect & love of those she works with is infectious 🙂 I would trust my mom in Michelle’s hands 🙂 I look forward to hearing from Michelle and the team with their knowledge about Alzheimer’s 🙂

  15. Understanding and living through the process of Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease can be so freighting to any diagnosed patient and their families. I guess I should say I know it to be true first hand. I am so proud of the work that you do, Michelle to ease the distress of the diagnosed patient and their family members. Thank you, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to promote and provide information on how to live a meaning life while eliminating the dis-ease (discomfort). I know that your presentation will be inspiring and beneficial to all. Once again, I am so proud of the work you have done and will continue to do!

  16. I am really excited and looking forward to listening to the show! Michelle is a very passionate person and she has a heart for people. She has positioned herself to be a voice for people that may not otherwise be heard and for that I am extremely proud to call her a friend. Best of luck to you and the team!!!


  17. I am a very compassionate person for the elderly. People need to become more aware of the this Disease called Alzhiemers. I pray that we find a cure for this disease one day and my heart goes out to those who have parents or know of loved ones who have it.

    God Bless you all !


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