An Amazing Lady Leading The Charge Against Dementia

mara_botonis_cropAn Amazing Lady

Leading The Charge!


Get your tissues as you listen to a very humble Mara Botonis as she receives the National Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award.  This woman is amazing, and I am so lucky to be able to call her my friend.  Please check out her website and pick up the free tools she has to offer. 

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Don’t forger to check out her book “When Caring Takes Courage” and drop her a line of thanks for all the wonderful work she has one and is doing to raise awareness and help those live with dementia.

Click below to listen to an interview with Mara Botonis071514_ASR_open_mic_mara_botonis

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2 Replies to “An Amazing Lady Leading The Charge Against Dementia”

  1. Congratulations on this award but this is a wide open field and belongs not only to the recipient but to all influencers involved with AD. The standard for dementia caregivers belongs to Dr. Ethelle Lord of International Caregivers Association who has worldwide recognition and the award should be shared not only with Dr. Lord but all those who have worked so hard in this field.

    1. HI Norman
      Thank you for your comment. Personally, I do not feel we should lessen by any means the work of Mara Botonis who was the award winner. She has worked tirelessly and has touched hundreds of thousands dealing with dementia and caregiving with her insights and generous soul.

      Yes, Dr Ethelle Lord and many, many others in our nation have worked very hard to shift our dementia care culture, but it is my belief this is not the time to diminish Mara’s work by highlighting others. Maybe in the years to come they will create a national category specific to honor all those overtime who have given so much of themselves to improve our Dementia and caregiving culture here in the US.

      Again thank you for taking the time to write

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