Answering your questions about the Book Life Choices

Several people have asked me  about the book “Life Choices -Putting the Pieces Together,” which I am a contributing author, so I thought I would just note my answers here.

Lori what made you decide to be part of the Book “Life Choices – Putting the Pieces Together”

After my epiphany I didn’t feel there was any option but to record my experience   I also knew some day I would take a formal step out of the “Enabler Closet” and share my experience in hopes of helping people who care for others.   As my cursor hovered over the Judi’s Moreo’s email, my whole body started to tingle.   I didn’t know who she was or what was in that email, but I did know it was important and I would read and respond to whatever it was.   I remember sitting in my office and physically saying out loud to myself, “WOW, I wonder what’s in this email?”

As I opened the email and read Judi’s offer to submit a story for the book, I didn’t hesitate. I knew I was to submit a story.   I shot Judi an email back asking a few more details and then told her I would be sending one of two stories for review.  From there, it was in God’s hands if my story would be chosen for the book or not.

Lori how do you feel about writing?  Does it come naturally or do you have to work at it?

Since I was little I’ve always loved to write.  I am horrible with spelling and grammar so that is a chore for me, but thank God for spell check that helps but by no means is perfect!   I did have two English teachers and my Mother who encouraged me to write. Miss Calvin in Middle School (we used to call it Junior High way back than), and Mr. Anderson in High School. I loved them all dearly and they tried so hard to help with grammar and spelling.  It just wasn’t my thing, yet each was able to see past my faults and believe in me. 

In my heart, I know we are all communicators and that includes writing.  The problem is so many of us get hung up with being judged by others and worried we aren’t good enough.  I’m here to tell you, “You are good enough.  In fact, you’re Great!  And no matter what you write or how you write it, it is perfect.  There is no one way to communicate, so get past your fear and just write.  If for no one else but yourself.” 

I wrote for me.  I never had visions of being an Author.  If someone would have asked me that years ago I would have laughed.  People need to get past the perception of having to be perfect.  Once they do,  I think they can enjoy the process of releasing feelings and ideas, and documenting events and playing with their imagination. Writing is a form of freedom like no other.  It should never be taken from us, and it should never be taken for granted or given up on.

For me personally, I know now I have several books in me.  The one I am currently working on is about removing fear when dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.  This book will help people identify stress triggers both for themselves and the person diagnosed, so they can move forward and create remarkable moments.  Another book will focus on how Caregiving is Perceived, Received and Delivered in this country.  It will highlight the new “Hybrid CAR Egivers™” which I speak about.  It is about getting individuals along with businesses and organizations to work together to provide optimal care in a new light.  Someday, I would also like to write a book about my spiritual awakening.  The ups and downs of connecting on a higher level.

As you have might picked up, my life’s purpose seems to focus on relationships and how we connect with one another. The story in the book, “A Caregiver’s Nightmare – Mirror Image,” is an important piece focusing on life balance as a Caregiver  and provides helpful questions to assist people in figuring out when you have crossed the line between Caregiving and Enabling, and what the difference is.

Last Lori, would you recommend being involved in a collaborative book like Life Choices?

My gut answer is “YES”, but I also know that Judi Moreo has been fantastic to deal with.  So was Brenda Elsagher who wrote “Bedpan Banter” a collection of work regarding medical stories of humor and inspiration.  I have three stories in Brenda’s book.   I must say however, I have heard horror stories with friends and colleagues involved in other projects.  I would encourage anyone to investigate the possibility, along with the process, and who they would be working with.  Ask for references and a copy of a past completed work so you my personal y review it.  I can honestly say with confidence “I highly recommend Judi Moreo and Brenda Elsagher.  Both are professional, organized, and on schedule.  As for the process with the Life Choices book, it has gone quickly and has been fun and exciting every step of the way. I am looking forward to the book launch in Vegas at the Palace Station Hotel, along with being at the Vegas Voice Health and Wellness Fair both on October 30th, 2010.  

Bio Information on Lori La Bey

Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks & Senior Lifestyle Trends

In addition to writing, Lori La Bey of Senior Lifestyle Trends loves Speaking, Training, and Consulting.  Currently she has a Resource Website and Blog both called “Alzheimer’s Speaks.”  The Blog focuses on the emotional side of Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient.  The resource website is for people dealing with Alzheimer’s disease be it Caregiver, Patient, or Professional.  Lori jokes that she is an Advocate on Steroids for Alzheimer’s disease, but knows in her heart what she has learned needs to be passed on.  Although there were difficult times caring for her Mother with Memory loss over the past 30 years who is now in her end stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and caring for her Father who had Brain Cancer and passed away in 2001; Lori says the experience was life changing in many positive ways.  Her wish is to ease the burden of Caregiving, so others my see the gifts wrapped inside aging and illness.  Please visit Lori La Bey’s websites for more information and feel free to contact her through any of these sites.

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