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Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks & Senior Lifestyle Trends

I wish I would have known about Boomer Eyeware when my Mother was living in the nursing home and still wearing glasses.  Mom was constantly loosing her glasses.   It would have been nice buy multiple pairs of the same glasses.  This way staff could replace missing glasses and re-circulate the missing ones as they popped up.  You see it wasn’t that the glasses helped her sight, it was actually more about habit and staying with a routine.  

The same thing happened with Mom and the newspaper.  She could no longer read the paper, but she was more comfortable and relaxed continuing on with her “normal everyday” activities like reading the paper, so we kept the paper delivery until that phase of the disease passed. 

Last as a Boomer myself with aging eyes, I now find myself with “cheaters” all over my house, my car, my offices…  so Boomer Eyeware is a great resource for me and many of my friends.

Boutique and Department Store Designer Reading Glasses, Incredibly Priced Cool and Hip Fashion Reading Glasses, Discount Reading Glasses and Tinted Reading Glasses all at affordable prices!

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