Becoming Dementia Friendly… It’s Time And Norrm’s McNamara is Showing Us How

The UK is Becoming Dementia Aware

and The Rest of the World Can TOO!


If you are interested in learning more about Becoming “Dementia Aware” contact us at Alzheimer’s Speaks and we will connect you to Norrm’s in the UK.  Learn how to get your badge to promote awareness and make a difference in your community.

dementia aware badge

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Dementia Friendly here in the US or anywhere in the world, Alzheimer’s Speaks has a full campaign to which can raise awareness and educate your employees, your clients and your prospects in your businesses and communities.  In addition, we want to share our resources and knowledge with you. Why  recreate the wheel when we can work together having a greater impact at a faster pace to shift our dementia care culture?  Plus our platforms allows us to position your company,  build your brand and distinguish your service from your competitions.  Find out the multitude of options available to you and your organization or community.  It’s all very exciting!


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7 Replies to “Becoming Dementia Friendly… It’s Time And Norrm’s McNamara is Showing Us How”

  1. Three cheers for Norm Mc Namara! North Cornwall is following Norm’s example with Camelford, Tintagel and Boscastle who see thousands of tourists come to our beautiful coastline every year. We are creating a dementia friendly community and have adopted the Purple Angel Logo for our shops and businesses. We hope to support and help many who suffer demetia at home and while on holiday too! Come and visit the West Country in England and see for yourselves!

    1. This Dementia Friendly Campaign is changing things all around the world. I just love seeing on my google alert everyday all of the things happening to make life better for those dealing with dementia! Kudos to Norrms and all the others following his foot steps


  2. I would love to learn more about the Dementia aware campaign. I am a nurse working as a client care coordinator for a non-medical in home care agency in Southern Maine.

  3. Soooo glad that this has reached our beaches in US. Our Friend Norm is well known to the alhzheimer’s community here, and it is due time we become aware of his work, and perhaps follow his footsteps in this fight against the monster of a sickness that is Alzheirmer’s, its variations, and diffrent impact it has on all of us.

    Xiomara Ruiz
    Beverly, Ma 01915

    1. HI Xiomara
      I so agree. Norrms is a fabulous man doing extraordinary things to change our dementia care culture around the world. Where are you located? I’m in Minnesota in the US.


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