The 2013 ALT Blog Awards Are Out

Once again we were honored to be acknowledged for our blog here at Alzheimer’s Speaks by Assisted Living Today.  This year the Alzheimer’s Reading Room was given the #1 spot.  Congratulations Bob DeMarco who does a fantastic job with his blog. If you aren’t familiar with Bob’s blog you should check it out.  Here at Alzheimer’s Speaks we place runner up. Below are some of the other finalists.


Nominated Article Descriptions

The following is a full list of all nominees for the 2013 ALTY Awards for the “Best Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Care Articles” category.

Alzheimer’s Communication — Touching Foreheads and Kindnessby Bob DeMarco, The Alzheimer’s Reading Room

The world needs more kindness, and Bob DeMarco, founder of the Alzheimer’s Reading Room shares a bit of his kindness in “Alzheimer’s Communication — Touching Foreheads and Kindness.” A learned technique from direct care of his mother with Alzheimer’s, he describes how he was able to combat the mean things his mother was saying with a positive and peaceful gesture.

The Best Gift of All!by Lori La Bey, Alzheimer’s Speaks

To some people’s chagrin, Lori La Bey has revised her take on what constitutes a holiday gift. No longer a present-giver, she feels that gratitude is the biggest gift a person can both give and receive. Prompted to this decision through her mother’s dementia, La Bey shares ways and reasons to be a giver of gratitude.

Dementia in General…by Judith Graham, The New Old Age on

It’s a broad title, but the meat of the article narrows down some ideas of prevention when it comes to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Using a whole-body approach, Patricia Grace connects the mind to the heart, the liver, the entire vascular system and more to show the relationship between a healthy overall lifestyle and a healthy brain. Alzheimer’s remains scary, but she provides good insight to wellness and prevention.

United States Lags in Alzheimer’s Supportby Judith Graham, The New Old Age on

Alzheimer’s is not only an individual’s concern, but as our population ages, it’s a national concern. Caregiving costs, research, public policy–there are a multitude of reasons why our government needs to factor Alzheimer’s into the national plan. Judith Graham compares the U.S. to other countries who are developing strategies for dealing with a growing population of elderly residents, including Japan, Australia, France and Britain.

How Books, Puzzles Might Help Ward Off Alzheimer’s by MyHealthNewsDaily staff

Like brushing the plaque off your teeth, researchers say that reading a book, doing a puzzle or engaging in other mental activities actually reduces the plaque in your brain. Cognitive activity helps to scrub away the harmful protein scientists have identified at beta-amyloid, linked to memory Alzheimer’s patients. Studies show a lifelong pattern of engagement is the best defense, though there’s no downside to picking up the habit later in life.

Why Leave a 1400 Square-Foot House for a 40-Foot Sailboat? Read the Story, and You’ll Understandby Erica, Walk To End Alzheimer’s

In a way, this is two blogs in one. Delivered with a very personal note, two sisters handle their mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s in different ways. They challenge their readers to think, “how do I want to live my life?” all the while advocating for Alzheimer’s support.

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