Building Love & Joy into Caregiving with LEGO BRICKS!

Building Love & Joy into Caregiving with LEGO BRICKS! 

Lori La Bey talks with Loretta Woodward Veney is an inspirational speaker and certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator who offers a wealth of information, encouragement, and humor to her audiences. Loretta is the author of Being My Mom’s Mom, Refreshment for the Caregiver’s Spirit, and Colors Flowing from My Mind.

In 2006, after her beloved mother Doris was diagnosed with dementia, Loretta began learning everything she could about the disease becoming a fierce advocate for her Mom in the process. Loretta and her Mom have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The NY Times, and a PBS special. Loretta’s engagement with her Mom using LEGO bricks and her facilitation of LEGO Serious Play workshops for those with dementia and their caregivers resulted in Loretta and her Mom being chosen as one of Robin Roberts Thriver Thursday recipients, which previewed on Good Morning America in November 2021.

In September 2023, Loretta received a Maude Award, given to individuals and companies using innovative methods for engaging with those with dementia. Though her mom passed in January of 2022,  the legacy they created continues through Loretta’s work throughout the United States.

How You Can Build Love & Joy Into Your Dementia Care Journey

LEGO BRICKS Are Life Changing!


  1. Living a life learned. Loretta shares how something her mother taught her when she was five years old has come full circle, helping her and her mom find joy in the dementia journey; which has now expanded into a global movement.
  2. Consciously focusing on finding or creating joy daily.
  3. How to release anxiety, showcase creativity, and expand our ability to communicate with others to truly hear and see others on a deeper level. 
  4. How it invites people to interact in group settings and builds pride, purpose, and inclusion.
  5. Going back to the basics, leveraging creativity, and an attitude all creations are perfect and tell an important story.
  6. What does a Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator do?
  7. How can you get certified or find an LSP facilitator in your area?

How You Can Build Love & Joy Into Your Dementia Care Journey

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