Caregiver Survey… need your help

Fast Forward Consulting is launching a national survey to better understand the needs of caregivers as it develops a smart phone application designed to coordinate care, bring caregiver communities together, and most importantly help ease caregiver stress and improve their health.

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  1. Tried to use the link, but I could not get past a Login/Password window for Outlook. I don’t have an outlook account.

    Sorry. I want to contribute. Both of my parents have dementia – 2 types at 2 different stages. I’m overwhelmed, but trying to get external help as my sibblings have abandoned me again!


    1. Thanks for writing Renee. I have no idea why the link is not working, but I’m trying to get fixed. Very strange…. but my computer has been acting up all day long so my guess it is something at my end that messed things up. Hopefully I will figure out shortly and get fixed. Thanks again for letting me know!


  2. I also tried to get on the link… but tells me that password is not correct.
    I am a caregiver to my husband, who is in a facility. I have become an advocate now.
    Keep us posted as to when the link is working… and I will take your survey…


    1. HI Flanana

      The link is fixed! I don’t know what happened today but my computer and facebook and word press where not playing well together. I have also pposted a 2nd survey as well that I received today too! Thanks for letting me know that you had trouble with the link. I see from your blog you are a member at Memory Problem too. I love that sight! I don’t know if you ahve checked out the Alzheimer’s Speaks resource website but here is the link just in case….

      Thanks for writing


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