Dementia Extended A Hand For Me To Claim A New Decade

I normally don’t write something personal that isn’t specifically dementia or caregiving related, but I’ve realized the past decade of building the Alzheimer’s Speaks community, our lives have merged as we have all supported one another.

So this month as I claim a new era in my life, turning 60 years old, many of you reached out and celebrated with me. Your posts, text, emails and calls and personal messages touched my heart so I thought it would be nice to share my day with you.

Here are just a few of the beautiful cards I received. Plus gifts of homemade cookies, bags, gift cards, candles, artwork, spa certificates….
Most important to me is your friendship, support and love!

Thank you from the bottom of my toes to the tip of my head.

Like most birthdays I don’t focus on, want or expect anything because to me, it’s just another year gone by. For me these days I’m just looking for the peaceful side of life.

There is so much for each of us to celebrate in life.

Mary and Tree
A day of being silly at 60!

This year, my friends Mary and Tree said they wanted to take me out for the day. Tree in typical style emailed me a detailed list of what to prepare for. These two always fun, funny and yet detailed and organized. I followed instructions, packed accordingly and agreed to trust and accept whatever was to happen with grace.

So on June 8th, I was totally open to embrace the day and what was to come no matter what we did or didn’t do. This day, my 60th was going to be a great day because I decided to embrace my new era of being and documenting whatever lay ahead. (I’m normally not a big picture taker, but I was committed to document the day.) The first of many days for me to be more present in my own personally life.

I was going to walk my talk and be totally present.

No work. No worries.

My First Surprise was the beginning of many…

I was Given a Banana For Being the Top Banana

Next… a Sign

Words of Wisdom from good old friends

It’s time to break the limitsPedal to the Metal Baby!

Next – Time to Get Gas & a Power Ball Ticket

It Seemed Liked a Good Idea at the Time!

No Winners… just fun to dream

What we would you do if you won millions of dollars? Would you use it to improve the world? We Would.

Little did I know every hour or so I would be opening a gift.

AND whatever it was I had to wear it!

NEXT…. Spa Time in Stillwater, MN!

If you have Never Tried the Salt Cave Sanctuary

I Highly Recommend it!

A Cute Grocery Store Across from the Spa..

Decided to be Part of the Mural

Time for Some Food and Drink in Stillwater

A Beautiful Day to be on the River The Dock Cafe

The pink hat I was wearing was my mother’s. The one she wore a lot at the nursing home when out in the sun. Mary is wearing my matching one. I think I only wore it when with mom. Miss you mom, but felt your presence with us all day.

A Lucky Baby Dragon Fly Stay with Us During Lunch.

I Trusted… but Fiblets Start Flying

Like a person with dementia I had no idea what I was being told, was not the truth. I accepted what I was being told as fact as I trusted my friends. I was totally relaxed and wasn’t suspicious at all.

From being in route to Hudson for our next stop to a detour back to my house for medications left in Mary’s car. Mary is one of the most honest people I know. I never thought she would lie to me…

I was surprised how good Mary and Tree were at it and I appreciated everyone’s efforts to surprise me! I had not a clue!

That’s where the greater good FIBLET came into play.

The Head Culprit…My Daughter Danielle

Please know Danielle had many helpers in her scheme to give me such a blessed day. I will name a few names, but the list is too long to get everyone on here, so please don’t be offended if you are not mentioned here. I it only my ignorance of all the details: Steven, Mary, Tree, Colleen, Erin, Cindy, Marylou, Beth, Barbara, and Nancy… Like Danielle who didn’t know who even to invite as I have many circles of friends, I still don’t know all the details of their plotting! Again if you were missed on any side, please know it was not intentional by any means.

You are loved, valued and appreciated!

Here are some pictures of the surprise party.

They all hid in the garage.

I didn’t have a clue until the door went up and I saw all the feet!

Who Has Had To Light Their Candles with a Torch?

The last gift of the evening was a parrot who kept flying into our yard for the party and would not leave. After everyone left he came out of the trees and lines above and landed in the yard. No one has claimed him and the whole family thinks he was God sent to us.

I have to agree.

What a Wonderful Way to Roll In a New ERA!

Thank You All So Much For Celebrating With Me!

Diana Pierce and Lori La Bey

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