Dementia Poem -Haunting Dreams and Nightmares by Barry Pankhurst – “Macabre of Night”

Having the continuous dreams and nightmares seem to haunt me every night and sometimes even at midday when I take my nap… which made me write this account of one such dream. 


“Macabre of Night” 

Oh silence of night why doth thee abide me no grace,
Whence tranquility of sleep doth withdraw to a grave,
Then in the once hallowed peace of slumbers depth,
Shrouded within the labyrinth of a distraught mind,
Macabre doth lurk, in the midst of its fiendish taint,

Now I dream in apprehension of the blood stained knife,
With gruesome apparitions… distorting the night,
Tremble as a mocking hangman’s noose stretches taut,
Then running, screaming, fleeing the devilish fiend,
Thence plummeting down, towards the sod of earth,

Ferociousness of limbs now in a frenzied affray,
Lash out at the air, or anything, with eyelids closed tight,
Whence bed doth move, thence nightlight would take wing,
The furniture therein becomes my sleepwalker’s maze,
As I fight of a foe… not within my dwellings grasp,

I stumble and grope… shriek, wherein doth I dwell,
As ligaments do ach and a drowsy numbness pains,
When soft arms embrace me, honey, reawaken thy soul,
Return to the living; consume spiritual waters of peace,
For ‘twas the water of Lethean, thee hath drained…

Barry ©

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2 Replies to “Dementia Poem -Haunting Dreams and Nightmares by Barry Pankhurst – “Macabre of Night””

  1. Dear Lori,
    I hope you know what a wonderful thing you are doing. You are nothing short of amazing.

    P.K. Beville
    Founder & CEO, Second Wind Dreams®
    Author, Virtual Dementia Tour®
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    1. Hi PK
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Let me know if you have another poem or writing you would like to share with our audience. Keep up the great work you are doing!


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