Dishing Up Nutrition on Alzheimer’s

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dishing_up_nutition_logo Alzheimer’s—A Family Affair with Dr. Mary Newport

Listen in as Dishing Up Nutrition talks to special guest Dr. Mary Newport, author of Alzheimer’s Disease: What if there Was a Cure. Dr. Newport was able to reverse her husbands Alzheimer’s symptoms by changing his diet and increasing his consumption of coconut oil.

Dishing Up Nutrition is Hosted by Darlene Kvist and Lea Wetzell.  Listen live to Dishing Up Nutrition Saturday mornings at 8am on myTalk107 to learn the connection between what you eat and how you feel. They will explain how your food choices affect your energy, focus, moods and overall health. You will hear practical, real-life solutions for healthier living through good nutrition.

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For more resources on Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias and Caregiving Check Out Alzheimer’s Speaks Website


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The first radio show in the word dedicated to dementia


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