Exceptional Film Capturing Love In Dementia Care

Filmmakers Capture Love In Dementia Care

Love Lives Here is a new documentary short film that explores how US-based memory care provider Silverado gives life to residents by embracing a core operating philosophy of love and recognizing the value of the human spirit.

The 25 minute film, released on March 14, 2016, is the third installment in the documentary series Side by Side: Love and Joy in Dementia Care, produced and directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker Corinne Maunder and executive produced by American sociologist/photographer Dr Cathy Greenblat.


“Silverado has a unique approach that sees them getting people to do things that the top neurologists in the world said was impossible, which presented an ideal opportunity to create a thought provoking piece about dementia care,” says Dr Greenblat.

The film was shot at four different Silverado communities in California, and features interviews with associates (staff), residents, family members, and dementia-care experts, along with photographs and video footage of the day-to-day life of residents at Silverado.

Activities featured include painting, swimming, pet care, community outings, Spanish class, tai-chi, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, digital workshops with iPads, interaction with children, a Christmas party, and more.

“By reducing medications and focusing on a more holistic approach to care, residents can thrive, while maintaining their sense of self and dignity,” says Ms Maunder.

“All of us at Silverado are committed to changing the way the world cares for and perceives people with cognitive decline – a vision we established at our founding 20 years ago. So when we were approached as the inspiration for Love Lives Here, I was both humbled and thrilled by the opportunity to share our knowledge to make a positive impact on more lives,” says Loren Shook, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Silverado. “It was a tremendous honor for us to participate in a project led by such a talented team of filmmakers. If there’s one message I’d like families to take away, it’s that a dementia diagnosis does not mean the end of a meaningful and purposeful life.”

“Life can change, but life doesn’t stop when you move into Silverado,” Laura Printy, Administrator, Silverado, explains in the film.

“To create one community like this is an achievement, but for Silverado to instill and nurture this culture of love across their 30+ memory care communities throughout the United States, is truly something remarkable,” says Dr Greenblat.

Dr Greenblat has been photographing at Silverado communities since 2001 and her books Alive with Alzheimer’s (2004) and ( Love, Loss and Laughter 2012) both feature photos from many of Silverado’s communities. Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East including the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the US National Academy of Sciences.

Ms Maunder, initially inspired by her grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, has produced over two dozen short films and educational videos about dementia since 2013, with more currently in production.

Dr Greenblat says, “The vision for Side by Side is to create a multimedia resource for individuals and organizations to learn about better practice person-centered dementia care.”

The first two films in the series, Finding the Why (Starrett Lodge, Uniting, Australia) and It Takes a Community (Arcare Helensvale, Australia), have enjoyed considerable success and have been used in universities, professional forums and care facilities around the world.

“The beautiful thing about this series of films is that the creative process has been very organic,” says Ms Maunder. “There are no scripts, no marketing departments, no one telling me what messages to push. I’m free to capture and present everything just as I see it, which makes it very authentic. These are real stories about real people.”

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Reach out to Ms. Maunder and Dr. Greenblat.  They both are available to present the film at conferences, training sessions, fundraising programs and other screenings.

For media inquiries please contact Corinne Maunder, Producer, Fire

For inquiries direct to Dr Cathy Greenblat


For inquiries direct to Silverado contact Beth Abbott, VP Marketing and Communications


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