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Lori La Bey host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio talks with poet Su Croll who shares her experience of caring for her Father with Lewy body dementia.  Her prose express the range of emotions when caring for someone with a chronic illness and insights as to the caring journey itself from many angles.  Listen in anytime once the show goes live as all episodes are archived for your convenience.

Hands and Face by Su Croll

It is true. I will remember the hands and face.

The whole frustrating trickery of the thing.

My mother tells how she dogged him

to get all numbers limned at their true points.

Noon and midnight made for due north.

Six headed south. The clock becoming

a demented compass, a supposed proof

fumbled for in that doctor’s office

right before my dad was officially diagnosed.

I don’t know where his attempted drawings

of clocks are today. I don’t know how

that suddenly uncertain face triggered

his ragged response. Three and nine left off

or the hands wayward and drawn in the blank

outside the clock. I don’t know why that wrong

clock condemned him, tripped him up, making

that day the day they told us with all certainty

it was dementia.

Contact Su Croll at:

Website:  https://sucroll.wordpress.com

Book:  https://www.turnstonepress.com/books/poetry/cold-metal-stairs.html

FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/su.croll.9 

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