Free Memory Screenings at the MN State Fair

HealthStar Home Health to Hold

Free Memory Screenings

at the MN State Fair

Concerned about your memory?

Face-to-face memory screenings average five minutes and consist of questions and tasks to assess memory. Individuals can take advantage of free, confidential memory screenings provided by HealthStar Home Health, as part of raising community awareness and providing public education on Alzheimer’s and dementia. HealthStar & the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America encourages screenings for adults with memory concerns, a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or those who want to check their memory now and have the results for future comparison. Warning signs of dementia include forgetting people’s names/events, asking repetitive questions, and confusion over daily routines.

FREE Screenings to be held August 21 – September 1

from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the

East Crossroads Auditorium/ HealthFair 11 Bldg.

(Corner of Dan Patch & Cooper).

As many as 70% of families affected by dementia are choosing to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible, while managing the different stages. Family and caregiver burnout rises dramatically when faced with this disease. HealthStar’s Alzheimer’s & Dementia program provides both in and out of home support to families and caregivers dealing with challenging behaviors associated with the disease. Changes in healthcare, due to high prevalence, allow our nursing experts to provide training, education and non-pharmacologic behavior assistance in the home, which is 100% covered by traditional Medicare and most insurance plans. Memory loss screenings are the first step toward detection and treatment.

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2 Replies to “Free Memory Screenings at the MN State Fair”

    1. Thanks for writing. I agree we need to focus on all dementias but this was a great example for people to think about. The group at the state fair is AMAZING. That is HealthStar Home Health.

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