9 Replies to “Great Video on Keeping Those with Dementia Safe at Home”

  1. I work in Italy with elders with all kind of dementia. The families loves theyr elders but they are not educated to take care of them. So they hires foreigners to stay with them. But they refuzes to give the adapt medicines if they do not sleep, so they can stay for days without sleeping, The person near them is completely neglected. So the sufference is at a hi quote for the elder , for the person who stays day and night near in the house and the families don’t show up everyday for understanding what’s happened with theyr care ones. And they refuse any cooperation with the elder care, also don’t support her because they are busy and don’t have time for giving more freedom of the person they have to take care of. And every family has the own vision about the way to take care of such a person. This film is very educative for them… I hope that arrive to those who must face a similar situation. I work from five years in this area and i have no rights for living in Italy because they are not making documents. It’s a big sacrifice allready to leave my home and go in a foreign country and live the drama of all those families. But not many appreciate this kind of work… Very good and educative video.

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