The Thanks Project…Timing Couldn’t Be Better

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As I have been on a personal journey of caregiving over half of my life, I’ve come to realize many things. Two of which I feel are the most important:

One, is that we don’t say thank you nearly enough to those around us.

Two, we don’t give gratitude to ourselves for what we have accomplished.

November is not only National Alzheimer’s month, but National Caregiving Month.

Have you acknowledged those that care for you lately?

You don’t have to be physically ill to be cared for.

We chose how we will care for everyone we encounter.

Time is ticking. National Caregivers Month is almost over, but in two days, you have the ultimate day to say “Thank You,”  Thanksgiving.  Do you have a formal tradition to say “Thank you?”  I my home I have journal, which we use  for Thanksgiving.  I ask everyone who visits to just make a conscious note of what and to whom they are appreciative of.  It’s fun to review past years and to give pause make a note.  Needless to say, you could have a journal for yourself.  One where you can jot a note in it daily just for yourself.  A place to privately acknowledge the blessings in your life, even if you chose not to express your thoughts to others.  Sometimes… when life can get overwhelming it’s nice to be reminded by our own notations life isn’t so bad.

Keep in mind, caregiving isn’t just about life in crisis. 

It’s about life and learning.  What have you learned?  What lessons have added value in your life?  Have you slowed down enough to pause and think about the blessing wrapped in your journey of care?  If not, take a few minutes out of your day and just pause.  Sit still.  Ask yourself what in your life has been a gift?  Was it a smile?  A good laugh?  A Loan?  Help with a physical task?  A shoulder to cry on? A friend covering your responsibilities so you can get away for a bit?

Gifts of care come in many shapes and sizes.  What gift did you receive today?

What in your journey has been a surprise? 

Acknowledge it,

State it and

Smile knowing you’re making a difference in someone else life by simply saying “Thank You.”

Add your comments to the “Thanks Project.” 

It’s fun and easy.


·         I am a member of AARP’s blogger kitchen cabinet on caregiving issues. All opinions are my own. 

Click Here to Check out the Thanks Project

Here is some additional information provided at

AARP Resource Center for  Caregivers 

#AARP Blogger Kitchen Cabinet #CareSupport campaign


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