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Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio gives voice to all trying to improve the world for those living with dementia.  Call in with your questions or comments.  We would love to hear from you

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Today we have to top chefs with us who have been touched by dementia and decided to make a difference.  Stone Morris  and Sarah Gorham created “Grind Dining,”  a new way to experience food and allow those living with dementia to maintain their independence and dignity as long as possible.

Also joining the conversation will be Deb Osterhaudt, the VP of Sales and Marketing of the Arbor Company who has implemented Grind Dining into their residential experience. This is a fascinating and exciting concept!  Come listen and join the conversation.

Grind Dining Website

The Arbor Company

The second half of the show will be OPEN MIC! 

We always love to hear what’s on your mind regarding dementia and caregiving.  Do you have an idea for a radio show.  Call in and lets start talking.

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