Here Are a Couple Ideas To Save You Time

Here Are a Couple Ideas

To Save You Time


Dynamite Meeting Planner for Caregivers!

My mother had dementia for 30 years and keeping Doctor’s appointments,  medications and medical information current and updated was a big chore.  I usually went in with a piece of paper to keep me organized, but I have to admit I didn’t keep my notes long term. Yet I remember many times wishing I had so I could refer back. To have a meeting planner in my hand at each doctor’s appointment for mom would have been ideal.  For one, it would have made me feel more confident going in, knowing I had everything in one spot. Plus, I know it would have saved me a lot of time.

My Mother has passed, but I remember times both the Doctor and I were trying to refer back to another appointment and one that may have even been with a different Doctor and we had to rely on our memories if he couldn’t find it in his notes or on my phone.  We wasted time digging for information, while our clock time ticked by for our appointment.  I just think how nice it would have been to use a meeting planner; being able to  refer to past history, review symptoms and behavioral changes and to be able to have notes to share with family. Really, I’m embarrassed I didn’t think to use a meeting planner 30 years ago.

Now as I work with those diagnosed with dementia and their Care Partners, I hear from them all the time about trying to find ways to simplify Doctor appointments. I personally would have greatly appreciated this meeting planner back in the day when I was caring for my mom. Those of you caring for a loved one, might want to check out this meeting planner.

The House of Doolittle Meeting Planner has space for 110 meetings with space on the pages for: action items, attendees, topic, and notes. It has a 12-month 2016 calendar for your reference on each 2 sheet spread. Wirebound with a leatherette hard cover.  Although it has a hard covered, yet light to carry.   The Meeting Planner isn’t a calendar so doesn’t waste paper, as there is a blank page for each meeting/appointment.  In the back of the planner there are three year calendars for long term planning. To top it off, the meeting planner uses recycled paper so it’s Eco Friendly.

Another Idea To Keep You Organized

2 month wall calendar

Another idea to keep you organized as a Care Partner, if you like a physical wall calendar is the House of Doolittle 3-Month Vertical Compact Wall Calendar.  It’s nice to have that quick look at a glance reference of what is on the schedule.

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    1. I agree. I gave one to my daughter for her children too. So many times we ask a question and this makes it so easy to refer back and find the answer. What a stress reducer and time saver!

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