Legalities and Seniors

Protecting Seniors, Their Estates, and Everyone’s Sanity

Join us today for critical information and insights into the many legalities that seniors and their families need to be aware of and plan for. Our expert panel includes Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy who has 43 years experience as an Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney. Mary Farquhar and Deborah Snyder, both care for their husbands.  This was an amazing conversation that highlights not just the legal considerations, but also the emotional and financial impact of them as well.  You won’t be disappointed and our guess is you will want to pass this interview on to others!

In this episode you will get insights:

  • About stigmas tied to Estate Planning and how they can work against your best interest.
  • To what an Elder Law Attorney does and how they are different from other areas of expertise.
  • On how to find an Elder Law Attorney.
  • To prepare for your meeting with an Elder Law Attorney.
  • How to survive the illness, to survive yourself
  • Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Healthcare Directives, Five Wishes, Medical Assistance, medicare, insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, retirement funds, cars, homes, and more.
  • How getting your affairs in order can bring some calmness and security in your life.

Protecting Seniors, Their Estates, and Everyone’s Sanity

Protecting Seniors, Their Estates, and Everyone’s Sanity

Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy has 43 years of experience as an Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney. During that time he has advised countless clients (individuals and families) in both simple sophisticated estate planning strategies.  He also advises families with special needs, whether children or adults, on estate planning matters.

Attorney Bahrawy represents elders and caregivers to plan for the future or, in some circumstances, an immediate need for institutional medical care. In this regard, Attorney Bahrawy assists elders in protecting assets in order to qualify for Medicaid, making or adjusting estate plans such as Wills, Trusts, and Advance Directives, administering estates, guardianship of elderly persons, and financial elder abuse. Attorney Bahrawy believes that lawyers serve their clients best by planning ahead rather than solving problems after they occur.

Attorney Bahrawy is a former member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys


Phone (978) 682-1141 


Protecting Seniors, Their Estates, and Everyone’s Sanity

Deborah Snyder is a Care Partner in her husband’s care who is experiencing brain change with Behavioral variant Frontotemporal Dementia (BvFTD). He was diagnosed in 2019, and life changed.

She is a Certified Independent Consultant with Positive Approach to Care, Teepa Snow, and has worked in the arena of senior care and aging resources since 2017.  Deborah works for North Star Counsel on Aging as an Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Specialist.

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Facebook  @Deborah McPeek Snyder

Protecting Seniors, Their Estates, and Everyone’s Sanity

Mary Farquhar started as a colleague to her husband, Roger Fisher when he was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment in October 2018. As Roger’s disease progressed to Alzheimer’s, Mary reluctantly promoted herself to CEO of Roger Fisher’s Care.




Protecting Seniors, Their Estates, and Everyone’s Sanity

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