Lessons Learned & Shared Through Memory Loss


Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper

Today Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks interviewed Jane Cooper from the Untied Kingdom about her experience with her Father Reg, and his Dementia.  Jane has written a series of pocket guides with great tips for those dealing with memory loss.

Jane also announced the first 10 people to contact her she will give them a pocket book.  All you have to do is contact her through her website.

Thank you Jane!        www.justcallmereg.com/


Click here to go directly to the pocket books

Below is a picture of her dad, Reg.  I just love this photo!

Look at that smile and twinkle in his eyes.

Reg photo1When Reg died in January 2009, Jane started to write about their shared experience in relation to his late onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the impact on his family and the failure of social services to help.  Her writing is a family saga seen through the eyes of a devoted daughter.  Our conversation was from the heart and packed full of ideas and tips for those in the trenches with Dementia.

Click Here to Listen to the Radio Show

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