Let’s Talk Dementia on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio with Pete Hill

The ‘D’ Word with Host Pete Hill on UK Health Radio

Lori La Bey talks with Pete Hill who is the host of The ‘D’ Word on UK Health Radio the UK’s only weekly internet radio show that has Dementia as its focus. Pete started the show in 2019 and recently broadcast its 200th edition.


  1. Why Pete started his radio show and why he titled it The ‘D’ Word in the UK.
  2. How Pete mixes Music and Dementia Awareness on his show The ‘D’ Word.
  3. Find out the type of guest he has on his show and maybe you could be one yourself.
  4. The insights Pete has learned over the years of doing his radio show.
  5. His own health scare gave him a new perspective on how we care and what’s important to a patient and their family.
  6. How social care models, laughter, and inclusion support dementia care.
  7. The three wishes Pete has for the future of dementia care.

Contact Pete Hill with “The D Word”

Website                    https://ukhealthradio.com/program/the-d-word/

Mix Cloud                 https://www.mixcloud.com/tdwradio/

XTwitter                   @radiotdw

Instagram                @tdw_radio

Facebook        @TheDWradio

LinkedIn                   @peter-hill-b451b524

Threads                @adminuser

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