Reminiscing Is A Strong Tool To Create Calmness And Joy

Find Out How Using Reminiscing to Engage and Create Joy For Families Supporting a Loved One Living with Dementia Will Create Holiday Moments For A Lifetime!

Lori La Bey Talks With Meaningful Memory Makers:

Lori Yauch, M.A., CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist in Southwest Florida. In a 32-year career, she has spent 22 years in dementia care as a clinician and author. Her website,, showcases personalized books and videos that allow families and caregivers to connect with their loved ones by sharing old memories, making new ones, and having fun along the way.

Alyson Shoenfeld, MS, CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Speech-Language Pathologist in Southwest Florida. She has spent her 13-year career exclusively with the adult aging population because the gains adults make are geared toward independence. She believes we occupy a personal space between our clients and their families and owe them comfort and care.

Dorothy Ardern is a caregiving survivor of an aging mother. Her mother’s journey, which began at home and progressed through assisted living and long-term care, was made easier through reminiscing with the ABOUT  book.


  1. What reminiscing can look like.
  2. What Meaningful Memory Maker has to offer you as a family or business.
  3. The types of products they sell and how they not only enhance life for the person living with dementia but also their care partners.
  4. What the Music guide is.
  5. How one family used the Meaningful Memory Maker products.

Contact Information Lori Yauch with Meaningful Memory Maker



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Youtube  @lkytherapiesllc2710

Check out the 1st in a series of gift ideas for seniors and those who care for them. This one highlights print ideas from Mirador Magazine, Nana’s Books, and Reminisce Book Line by Kirk House.

In this episode of Conscious Caregiving with L & L, Lance A. Slatton and Lori La Bey discuss and share common issues that may arise for families and their loved ones during the holiday season and offer and explore tips, suggestions, and resources to help ensure a joyous holiday season. This show covers seniors but can easily apply to those living with a chronic illness such as dementia, a stroke, or even cancer. There are many situations and needs that overlap when caring for a loved one.

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