Living with Alzheimer’s – Rick Phelps on Placing a loved one in an assisted facility


You Video 84 – Living with Alzheimer’s –

Rick Phelps on Placing a loved one in an assisted facility

Rick has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease EOAD. I will post these videos as I get them from Rick. If you are interested in truly understanding what it is like to have Alzheimer’s or are caring for someone with the disease, I believe these video logs will change your life in a positive fashion.
If you or a loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s, Early Onset Alzheimer’s, or another Dementia related disease, or if you are an advocate, we invite you to join us. Memory People™ is a Facebook group founded by Rick Phelps, and created to bring real-time support to those touched by these diseases.

At Memory People™, you will find care and support in a comfortable and safe environment where patients, caregivers, and all involved come together to share our stories, support each other, and bring awareness to these diseases.

If you or a loved one has been touched by Alzheimer’s or a related disease, we encourage you to join us, at Memory People™.

2 Replies to “Living with Alzheimer’s – Rick Phelps on Placing a loved one in an assisted facility”

  1. It has been left up to me to find placement for my Mother who has mid stage Alz but has become violent. She has hit my Dad, myself and other family members. She has also threaten to kill my father when he is asleep. Dad is in the early stage of Alz. I never thought as a abused child that tearing my family apart to protect them would hurt so much, but it does. My sister is not willing or not able to assist in this. I have become ill myself with heart disease almost passing twice in 09 so I feel a urgency to make the arrangements. This sticking point is my father. I wish there was emotional super glue so he could face this with dignity. Thank you for your site.

    1. HI Darlene,

      I am so sorry to hearing you are having such a difficult time. Family dynamics do make things complicated. Are the doctors or the Alzheimer’s Association , social workers…helping you secure placement for your Mother? Have they done much with medications to try to control the behavior? Has your Mother always been aggessive? How is your Dad dealing with moving your Mom? I’d be glad to talk and be your sounding board and give you support anyway I can. Please make sure to take care fo yourself as well! I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure you must be under and the range of emotions you must be feeling. Take care. Sending love and prayers your way.


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