Memory Cafe Members Are Panelists In Education Forum

Members of Arthur’s Memory Cafe in Roseville were panelists at an educational event called “Finding Comfort In Caring For Those With Memory Loss.”  The program was held Wednesday July 10th at the Fairview Community Center.  It was sponsored by the Roseville Area Senior Program and  Arthur’s Residential Care

George_and_annie_SeilerGeorge and Annie Seiler, are Members of Arthur’s Memory Cafe

Photo compliments of Roseville Patch.  For full article click here.

Janell Wampler, Program Coordinator for the Roseville Area Schools/Senior Program opened the program by highlighting all the great resources Roseville offers their community.

The panelist from Arthur’s Memory Cafe where:  Oliver and Dixielee Dufrene, George and Annie Seiler and John Sweeney who cares for his wife Virginia.

 Melissa Seeley, with Senior Community Services talked about a new technology which helps caregivers stay organized and in touch called

Kristin Ptichford for Arthur’s Residential Care shared information about how their small group homes provide intimate care in a home-like environment.

Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks also presented new views on our dementia care culture, including an overview of what a Memory Cafe is, who it is for and what people can expect when they come.

“We have people who drive one hour one way to come to our meeting!” say s La Bey. “We Know there are others in the area who would also benefit from these fun groups.”

J. Arthur’s Memory Cafe meets on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month, from 1-3pm  at J. Arthur’s Coffee Shop located at 2441 Rice Street in Roseville, Minnesota.   Feel free to call us us as well.  La Bey can be reached at 651-748-4714 or call the coffee shop at (651) 294-4782.

For more resources visit Alzheimer’s Speaks Website


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