Monitor Your Brain Performance Easily Every Day!

Meet the “Roberto APP” Team

New APP Monitors Brain Performance

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio & Video

A special show is scheduled on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio with host, Lori La Bey to introduce a game changing APP called Roberto, which measures brain performance, giving insights to how we are doing and what we can do to improve certain sectors of our brain.  Join Lori La Bey, Monday, Jan. 29th, to meet the following key team members of the Roberto APP:

Clarence Carlos, is the CEO of RC-21-X the mother company who launched Roberto APP.

Gus Frerotte, a prior NFL Player for 15 years, is now the head of business development.

Dr. Paul D. Nussbaum, is the Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer.

Dean Dalton, was a NFL Assistant Coach for seven seasons and is the Vice President of Global Wellness Initiatives.

The Roberto APP is designed to work in conjunction with Dr. Paul Nussbaum’s Brain Health Lifestyle®. You can find more information about his Five Pillars of Brain Health at as well as get information on our MyBrain 365 and Brain Readiness programs.

You can download the Roberto App in your device store and receive a free 15-day trial.

Alzheimer’s Speaks listeners can double the length of that free trial by entering the code ALZSPKS at sign-up.

Contact Information for The Roberto APP

Facebook    Twitter: @therobertoapp       Roberto APP Videos

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