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Music Prescriptions Effective for those Living with Dementia

Today Coro Health will be joining us to discuss the power of music and their modes and ability to engage people with dementia and to have them stay on task. We will also be reviewing their new APP Music First, which is ideal for easy access. You can get 3 hours of free music to test out the Music First APP for Alzheimer’s


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Activities Service That Come To Your Home!

Our Second guest will be Janet Calltharp, with Senior Activity Service.  This is a great service which comes to your home to provide meaningful engagement with your loved one.

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They are currently located in the North Dallas area and would love to expand their services.


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4 Replies to “Music Prescriptions, Mobile Activities & Engagement”

  1. We have long used music therapy for our hospice patients and seen some unbelieveable results with pain management and communication skills. Music has a way of staying within our hearts and minds. Great video

  2. We are using a music therapist at our nursing home to reach those residents who are not engaging with other activities and it is a beautiful thing to see their enjoyment and connection to it.

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