My Mother Has Inspired Many

Today Mom Is The Symbol Of Alzheimer’s Speaks

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But Growing Up I Always Knew…

She Was More Than My Mom

My Mom Dorothy Moeschter was a very special woman.  She was loving, fun and strict.  Organized and messy.  She engage all and was one of the fist to reach out to help those in need.  Mom believed in our democratic process and I can only imagine what she is thinking looking down on the world of politics today. She took a true interest in people and volunteered in a variety of circles from school, church, government, girl scouts and boy scouts, hockey and various boaster clubs.  Mom was well liked and had a great laugh.  Entertaining and sales were a passion for her and she was so much more until dementia showed up. 


Although the Alzheimer’s disease took much from mom and our family over 30 years, there was much that stayed untouched.  Our hearts and souls. Mom’s fun loving approach to life lived on strong throughout the dementia journey…even at the end.

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Mom and Dad’s Wedding Day

mom and dad weddingRenewal of Vows

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Our family cruise Mom with dementia and Dad with brain cancer

mom and dad family cruise dad braincancer mom demetia

Learn about the Dementia Symposium and Cruise Setting sail this fall for families to create their own memories!

Sometimes Our Family Focused

On What Was Gone Instead What’s Left

It was the rest of us who sometimes focused on what was gone, and than we missed all that was left. We had to learn to look for different things: the slight smile, the glint in the eye, the giggle, the touch and the word(s) that make your heart melt and connect us on a deeper level.

Here is just one example of Mom’s infectious love and joy.

Even when my Mother was dying she was teaching my family about the circle of life and how to care for those at the end of their journey here on earth. Even for her obituary I couldn’t resist continue moms teaching by adding the Purple Angel to her announcement.


May Your Legacy Live On Mom

Watch Maria Shriver’s Tribute to her Mother and Motherhood 

a must watch!


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Meet Me in Orange County June 4th

You Can Have An Impact, Even If You Can’t Make Maria Shriver’s Event. 

Become A Sponsor Help Raise Funds for Women’s Research on Dementia


Learn How You Can Host A Screening of the Hollywood Film

“His Neighbor Phil”


4 Pillars of Prevention



5 Replies to “My Mother Has Inspired Many”

  1. Lori – First, thanks for doing what you do to bring light on this disease. I love what you said “Sometimes Our Family Focused On What Was Gone Instead What’s Left.” That is exactly why I wrote about my mom’s journey in Where’s My Purse? and how I shifted my perspective to focus on everything that was right with her world, instead of what wasn’t. In other words, I made it about her. It not only helped me become a more effective caregiver, but our time together was elevated. She definitely shared some common traits with your mom; everyone loved her, she was a great entertainer and loved to laugh. She was an absolute doll and I miss her every day.

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