Here is a prayer from one of our followers.  Thank you for sharing Angela.



There are some prayers you never think you will pray,

You struggle to find the right words to say,

You search in your heart, you search in your soul,

They tell me in Him to step out and be bold.


They tell me He’ll listen if I ever speak,

He will give me hope when things look so bleak,

He will reassure me that things are okay,

He will bring me back when I walk away.


I tell myself “Well, I’ll give it a go,”

I hear him remind me I already know,

He’s shown me so many times in the past,

He’ll answer my prayer if only I’d ask….


“Dear Lord, he is weary, his body in pain,

His memory fails him again and again,

He looks so scared, so lost and alone,

Won’t you please come and take him back home.

Lord I am asking please won’t you be,

Close to him and set his heart free,

His body so frail it’s hard to believe,

He holds onto my hand when I try to leave.

Once so strong and now is so frail,

His mind so sharp, now his memory fails,

I’m there but I wonder does he even know,

He looks so sad when I turn to go.

I don’t know how much he does understand,

The only comfort I can give is my hand,

Locked in his world, words he can’t speak,

Once so strong and now is so weak.

I pray you will comfort him day after day,

When he’s lost somehow you will shown him the way,

I can see him drift, his mind disappear,

When he’s scared I pray that you’ll draw him near.

Each time I see him, I know in my heart,

That time’s running out, I knew from the start,

I knew that this illness would take him from me,

So soon, so quick, it’s hard to believe.

Lord I am asking that you will protect,

For a moment I plead “please don’t take him yet”

One look I can see that he doesn’t have long,

I wonder if he knows that something is wrong?

These questions could haunt me so I know I must,

Remind myself in you I must trust,

I pray that he’s sitting right there by your throne,

Dear Lord I pray, please come take him home.”

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  1. I wish I had known about this Organization years ago. My Dr. did refer me to a Book on this also. The title of the book is “The 36 Hour Day.” It is very informative when it comes to helping the caretaker as to what to and what not to do. It also has much more information.

    1. HI Mary
      Thanks for taking the time to write. It’s always a great place to share resources. Here are a couple other great books are “When Caring Takes Courage” by Mara Botonis and “Surviving Alzheimer’s by Paula Spencer Scott.
      Take care

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