By Marilyn Dodd

I stand alone, yet in a crowd,
there’s no one here but me,
Im in this world of clouds and mist,
confused with what I see.

Where are my friends, they never come,
why dont they visit me
Im all alone in this dark world
of dreams and fantasy.

Who is that man who comes and talks
and tries to cuddle me,
and tries to tell me Im his mum
but really thats not me.

Im really locked inside myself
Theres no way out you see
Im in this world of clouds and mist
of dreams and fantasy

Thank you Marilyn for submitting your poem.  It’s beautiful and really paints a picture for all that read it.

Marilyn has to go in for yearly checks for possible Dementia  since she had a small stroke 22 months ago which left a patch of her brain dead.  She now has  short term memory loss. She is hoping it won’t get worse but doctors have told her that 10% of folks who have what she has, go on to develop Dementia.

Marilyn started writing poems when she felt no one understood her. She told me it’s been a very lonely journey, which once again highlights the need for Dementia Awareness.

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