New Reading APP to Help those with Dementia

New Reading APP to Help those with Dementia

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Please note Tuesday will be airing Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio at a different time, but it will be for this show only.  Keep in mind all show can be listen to on demand once they air.   Our Host, Lori La Bey, is excited to bring a new APP to your attention. It will help those with dementia who are having a tough time reading, continue to read independently.  Dilek Ocal is our guest.  She is PhD student at the Dementia Research Centre at University College London in England. Dilek’s background is in Neuroscience and she has been involved in dementia research for the last 5 years.

Contact Dilek Ocal and Check Out the APP Below:

ReadClear APP                    UCL Dementia Research Centre              Email:

Email Dilek at: D.Ocal@Ucl.Ac.Uk


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