No One Owns Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

No One Owns Alzheimer’s and Dementia

By Lori La Bey founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

No one owns Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  No one controls it.  “So why do some people act like they do?”  This is a question I hear way too often. Needless to say I could rant and go down a negative path about this subject, but I would rather talk about the importance of collaboration.  The importance of listening to everyone’s opinions.

To Empower All People To Get Educated,

Help Remove The Stigmas And

Get Engaged To Improve Our Dementia Care Culture.

I believe, everyone can and should contribute in ways that work for them as individuals, businesses, organizations and communities.  We must remember this disease has no boundaries.  As of today, it cannot be contained or cured.  The container is the world nothing smaller, just ask people living with the diagnosis or those caring for them around the globe.  They will tell you in no uncertain terms, they need a variety of tools, support and awareness coming from many different directions and angles.  It is time for the world to work together as one to improve our dementia care culture.

This Is What The Purple Angel Project Is About

angel-world-logo-lge 010414

A Global Symbol For Dementia That Knows No Barriers

There is no reason to shun or minimized any effort to improve our dementia care culture no matter who delivers it, we all matter.  We all can bring different skills and insights to the table.  For example, I have a tough time when I hear and see someone put down or try to belittle grassroot efforts trying to make a positive impact on dementia.  If you look back in history, typically it has been the grassroot movements that have bridled personal passions and drive.  This type of effort has an unique ability to think creatively and take things on with minimal dollars by tapping directly into passions and skill sets of advocates whose hearts are in the game at full throttle.   Many, have been personally touched by their cause in one fashion or another.  The Purple Angel project is a great example of a grassroots effort utilizing the simple concept of “inclusion.” They are making a massive impact on a global level to improve our dementia care culture.

The Leverage And Impact Of Each Dementia Effort Might Be Different,

But None Is Better Or Worse Than The Other.

The Goal Must Always Be T0 Create Better Dementia Care.


Dementia Symptoms Shift Like The Wind

We must also understand and appreciate that no one dementia tool, product or service should be pitched as what I refer to as a “bed in a bag” or packaged as the “silver bullet” fix.  We must educate families, professionals and the general public to build a personalized kit which offers a variety of tools and options to choose from.  We all need support in many forms and learn in different fashions.  Everyone: from those diagnosed with dementia, to family members, friends, professional care partners, businesses, communities and organizations all have an impact on dementia.

Together We Can Improve Lives

Check Out the Grassroots Efforts of Norrm’s McNamara –

The Purple Angel Project

 angel-world-logo-lge 010414The New Global Symbol For Dementia You To Can Help Raise Awareness

Please like the US Purple Angel page on FaceBook

For More Information and Resources on Dementia and Caregiving

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8 Replies to “No One Owns Alzheimer’s and Dementia.”

  1. The “people’s emblem for dementia awareness”! We need to work together for change in every country and for every person.
    We fight these terminal diseases together and together we will live well with dementia or find a cure – one or the other….

  2. Lori this is so true and agree with all you say. I am someone’s daughter who has been touched by this and will continue to make my little difference in the world raising awareness however I can x

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