Open Mic Kicks Off the New Year on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Tuesday

Cheers to a Remarkable New Year!

Join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

As They Kick Off the New Year with

Open Mic!

 Tuesday, January 2nd, at 2pm EST, 1pm CST,12pm MST,11am PST and 7pm London

Or Watch via Video

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio loves hearing from their audience.  Call in and join the conversation and tell us what you are doing to shift our dementia care, or what needs you are seeing in the industry and ideas you have to make improvements.

Talk to Host Lori La Bey at (323) 870-4602


I can’t put into words how humbled and honored I am to be named one of fourteen people, picked by Oprah and her team as a 2018, “Health Hero.” Being mentioned twice in one year in the “O” magazine is just down right amazing.

Click here for the Article.

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