Oprah’s Staff Contacted Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks!

Oprah Needs Our Help

I was contacted by Oprah’s Staff

to see if I could help spread the word of what they are looking for in an upcoming episode…

I’m just a little excited! Oprah is on my Bucket List of People to Meet…LOL 

This video explains what Oprah is looking for.

 She needs Adult Children who are planning on having their parent move in with them or they are going to move into their parents home; in order to provide care to their parent.  Please watch the entire video for details.


Maybe if we help Oprah with this she will consider doing some shows on Dementia and Caregiving.  We all know there  are a lot of stories to be told, resources to be passed on, and support to be given!

Maybe you or someone you know will be on Oprah. 

If so, please let me know!

14 Replies to “Oprah’s Staff Contacted Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks!”

  1. I cant play the video, it says its been removed.They really need to do a show on younger people being diagnosed and being treated poorly because hospitals and homes cannot handle their physical health.

  2. This could be your answer. You need to cal to see if she is willing to expose all. I talked with her yesterday re: buying a house and having her father move in with her and her husband, Worth contacting anyways..

    1. Hi Carole

      thanks for thinking thinking of her. I’m going to remove her email from your message as I don’t want the spiders on the internet hitting up with spam and junk mail. could you forward my message to her and see if she is interested. thanks


    1. Missy Are you interested in talking with Oprahs team? If so I need a bit more info from you I have your email but need where you live, a bit about why you movedin together and how long you have been together


  3. I’m in agreement with the comment about Oprah needs to do a show on YOUNG people with Alzheimers. Not even a faction of the people out there know this even exists. I know because I’m 49 and have this disease and going out in public is very hard, people don’t believe me when I say, “could you help me I have Early Alheimers.” I get the look of total confusion or like I’m crazy & am trying to pull a prank on them.

    1. You are right Kim! The reality of the disease needs to be brought into the open. I’m thinking maybe I should do a radio show and having people call in with what they would like to see as a show. What do you think???


      1. I’m ready for any kind of Early On-set Alzheimers awareness. Alzheimers is perceived by the public to be a disease that only affects those above the age of 65 but this is so far from the truth and any information that can be given to the public would be great. I also wish I could see more on TV about Early Alz as well. That would really be something that would boost the publics awareness as well. On hour with Oprah- “The everyday life of a young person with Alzheimers”. That would be a wish of a lifetime to tell my story and to let people know what its really all about, you know.
        Thank you for speaking out Lori,

      2. Hi Kim
        Thanks for writing I totally agree with you. Personally I think it’s time to have a show everyday of the week to inform people of resources and share stories.I would love to be the host of such a show as I have so many contacts, understand the disease and have the passion to find answers for people.. They is plenty to cover and it would never be boring!


  4. Hi Lori, That’s great news and yes it will make more people aware of what caregiving is all about and all the tough decisions that a caregiver must make.
    If the video Still a Child can help in this show or if you need Cd/s let me know.

  5. hi: my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 58 he is now 72 years
    i also took to turns living with mom and Dad, it was mother who had dementia that was this was related to her heart.

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