Personalized Puzzles, Reminiscing Activities Plus Clinical Trials For Dementia

Personalized Puzzles, Reminiscing Activities

Plus Clinical Trials For Dementia

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio has been raising awareness and providing resources for those dealing with dementia since 2011.  All voices are welcome on the show.  Do you have a story to tell?  A product that will make living with dementia easier?  Are you doing research to create a cure? We want to hear from you.

072115 ASR Pieces of the past puzzle and Alz Team Dr

Pieces of the past protrait puzzles missiy and MelindaToday we will talk with two sisters Mindy and Missy Dalgarn who created Pieces of the Past in collaboration with Portrait Puzzles in May of 2014.  It is their intent to spread the word about the power of puzzles as a reminiscence activity for those with dementia.  You’ll hear from a few others and what think they about Pieces of the Past as well.


alz team DR neelum A

The second half, we will have Dr Neelum Aggarwal from Rush University Medical Center, who will be discussing dementia and clinical trials.




AlzTeam Banner-475x358 - CopyFor Information on an Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial

go to:

For Information on Dementia and Caregiving




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