Resources For Our Seniors and Their Mental Health

Lance A. Slatton and Lori La Bey, hosts of Conscious Caregiving with L & L are “Tackling the Tough Conversations.” Today’s topic is “Mental Health & Seniors” and features another wonderful panel. YOu can listen to the show on any of your favorite podcasts or watch the video interview on YouTube below. If you click on the graphic above it will take you to the Apple Podcast.

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Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

Supporting Our Seniors Mental Helath

Contact Dr. Linda Ganzenmuller


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LinkedIn @Linda Ganzenmuller

Facebook @Tiny Professors

Dr. Ganzenmuller is a Doctor of Psychology and president of Supportive Psychological Services of Long Island, where she has dedicated most of her career to focusing on Senior Citizens and their caregivers. She is the author of the Tiny Professors series of children’s therapy books intended to help children and the adults in their families cope with life’s most difficult challenges, which includes having a loved one with Alzheimer’s; and Grief over the death of a loved one.

Linda currently practices on Long Island, New York caring for adults of all ages, with the hopes of helping at each stage and teaching the generations to learn how to understand, support, and rely on one another through the years.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

Supporting Our Seniors Mental Health

Contact Olivia Block, RN


Olivia Block is a Registered Nurse in Minnesota. Most recently she has been practicing as Director of Nursing in an Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care community and part-time as a hospice nurse. Her heart is in working on helping seniors continue to feel valued and whole as they adapt to changes in their lives.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

Supporting Our Seniors Mental Health

Contact Christina Keys



Text Line 360-230-7736

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Facebook @Keys For Caregiving with Christina

Christina Keys went from career woman to a caregiver on March 16, 2013. Her mother had a life-changing stroke and was given a 1% chance to live. Within 3 years of caregiving for her mother, she was financially, emotionally, mentally and physically bankrupt. The doctors told Christina She would be lucky to live 6 months if that. Her body was literally shutting down from the stress of caregiving. She had a choice to make, figure out how to change her life while caring for her mother or give up and start making arrangements on how her mother would be cared for after her death. 

Christina chooses to live and not only change her life but now helps to change the lives of caregivers all across the US. Her mission is to make sure caregivers everywhere are seen, heard, valued, appreciated, and Never Alone, She founded and ran an award-winning local nonprofit, and was the Director of Community Growth for a National company. She created and led a team of almost 200 Caregiving Champions in cities all across the US. She is now a National Speaker and Advocate as well as the Founder and CEO of “Keys For Caregiving” Christina cared for her mother from until she passed from 2013-Dec 2022.

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

Supporting Our Seniors Mental Health

Lance A. Slatton and Lori La Bey Co-Host and Produce Conscious Caregiving with L & L.

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Resources For Mental Health

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

National Alliance on Mental Illness  – NAMI

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association

National Institute of Mental Health

CDC Mental Health Resources

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Call  or Text  988 

Well Being Trust

211     You can call for help

Books on Mental Health

Maude’s Awards gives three annual $25,000 awards to organizations and up to five $5,000 awards to individuals excelling in one of four categories of care for persons living with dementia and care partners.

Applications have closed for 2024, but we will let you know when the winners are announced. In the meantime, check out Maude’s Awards now so you don’t miss out next year!

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