Starting with “YES” Changes Dementia Care

Starting with “YES” Changes Dementia Care

on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Airs Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST, 11am PST and 7pm London

Educators, Trainers and Authors Cathy Braxton and Tami Neumann, join Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Host Lori La Bey, to discuss their new book “Start with Yes!”  This dynamo team has been with us before and are always fun and energizing to talk to.  Their insights are fabulous, so  don’t miss out on new information that will help you care better for those with dementia.

Contact Information for Cathy and Tami


Phone:  219-649-1732




We were honored by your response to our offering of the Dementia Friendly Cruise.

More details to follow!


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We’ve all wrestled with a guilt trip – aging parents or a sick spouse who fear that we will not respect their wishes to stay at home. Statistics reaffirm that seventy-five percent of families try to do just that, despite the physical and emotional challenges of 24/7 dementia care. Often families turn to outside professional home care support.

Please take our A-LIST needs assessment survey and let us know your opinions on paid nursing support.

Decisions about care are deeply personal for those living with dementia and their families. I know from experience that there are no easy answers.
Whether you are living with dementia, are a current or past caregiver, or just concerned about your memory, please take this survey and let us know what matters to you when it comes to professional home care.

24/7 care is often central to the Alzheimer’s experience. Every one of us facing this challenge – patients and care partners alike – strives to honor and help our loved ones live well with dementia. Home care providers and policy makers want to know what matters most to the A-LIST. 


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