Thank You Verizon


Disclosure:  I am participating in the Verizon Boomer Voices program and have been provided with a device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

This is my final post as a Verizon Voice for Boomers.   When I started writing for this program, I was hoping to be able to add value to people with dementia and/or those that care for them by highlighting products that ease our day.  During the past several months I’ve reviewed both products and services offered by Verizon and I have to say I was surprised at the variety of technology tools they have to support us.

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Today I went to one of the local Verizon stores here in Maplewood, Minnesota and I was amazed at the layout, design and product display.  Verizon’s, Paul Xiong helped me remove the data off the phone without a hitch.  He was so kind and pleasant he made the process easy and explained the philosophy about the new store layout.  It is all about customer service and keeping things simple for the those they serve. The rest of the Verizon staff   was welcoming and helpful as well.  In fact all, even some customers allowed me to take pictures of them in the new store.

I highly recommend you check out the new look and services Verizon has to offer.  Check out the photos below.

photo 1Paul Xiong

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4 photo 5

photo 6 photo 7

photo 8 photo 9

Verizon Stores by you CLICK HERE

to shop online CLICK HERE

2 Replies to “Thank You Verizon”

  1. I have been following the Verizon posts and noticed they have a program for nonprofits and I noticed you said this is your last post. Do you have to return phone, are you offered a discount, are you a Nonprofit, is there a good deal for nonprofits? I am Executive Director of Dolls4Alzheimers and still using family budget on stock so just using my personal (not so smart phone.). Jacque Mays Dolls4Alzheimers

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    1. Great questions. We are given products to use and test and then we have the option to keep them, or give them away. We also get many products to giveaway to others during the program. As for Alzheimer’s Speaks I am not a non profit. I believe there are enough of them and it’s time for profit and non profits to learn to work together. I’m not sure if there are special deals for non profits, it was not mentioned and I did not ask.

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