The Fight Never Ends by Norrms McNamara

Another poem by Norrms McNamara.  Thanks Norrms!

The Fight Never Ends

Is it too soon to be talking of this?
Secretly remembering our first kiss,
Of how you will manage when I’m gone,
…When my fight is finished, over and done,
I ask you this with tears in my eyes,
Trying to stifle a million cries,
Don’t be so silly, you`ll outlast me!
Is always your answer, but please will you see,
I need to make sure that life will be kind,
And then you can rest and have peace of mind,
I need to say this before the AD,
Removes all my memories and steals them from me,
I didn’t mean to make you cry,
Just want to be sure that you will get by,
You take hold of my hand and say” Listen to me”
Your going nowhere, why can’t you see,
We are in this together, no matter how long,
Nobody`s singing their last song,
You have provided for us, all of your life,
And I`m proud to say that i am your wife,
We have wonderful kids, and grandchildren too,
All of them grateful for the kindness from you,
Then I say Shhh; please just let me say,
That when my time comes, no matter what day,
You shall remember, that very first kiss,
And how all our life has been absolute bliss,
And do me one favour, is my question to you,
When you look up, at a sky that’s so blue,
Always remember, I will always love you,
And please say goodbye to all of my friends,
And always remember “The Fight Never Ends”

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