The Loneliest Time of the Year

Here is another post from our friend Norrms

who has early onset Alzheimer’s


The Loneliest Time of the Year

Yesterday we has our last meeting of the Torbay Dementia leadership

group before the Christmas break and it was such a good meeting with

lots of things achieved and discussed. The main topic was how to identify

and help people with Dementia who don’t have a carer or loved one

coming round to help, and as you probably know by now, this got me thinking.

Christmas time can certainly be the loneliest time of the year for some

people but for people with Dementia and their carer`s, more so. Not only

would I ask all who reads this to keep an eye out and your ears open for

people who might just be struggling a little more at this time of year but

also think about the effect that Dementia has on not only the people who

have it but also their wonderful carer`s and loved ones. 

On a personal basis as I have already written, it’s hard to try and

remember what has happened in the last year but even harder to

think about what MIGHT happen in the next year!!

This is the curse of my Alzheimer`s!!

I want to try and remember the past and cant!! And I really don’t want to

think about the future sometimes but some days it’s all I worry about!!

This must in my mind also affect many others who suffer from this terrible

disease. I know ask myself

“Will I still remember this Christmas? NO I can’t remember last Christmas!!”

“What will happen to me in the next 12 months? Only the big Fella knows that”.

“Will this be the year I take a downturn because of my illness and the

Alzheimer’s starts to win this battle?” “No one knows “ All these things and

MORE go through my mind at this time of year, but I think it’s so

IMPORTANT to remember that Loved One`s and carer`s must be asking

themselves the same thing??

“What will this year bring for my loved one?”

“How quickly will he or she deteriorate?”

How much more of my husband or wife or relation will I lose this year??

So this is the time I believe for us all to come together and promise each

other next year will be better. This is the time to stand shoulder to shoulder

and say “Next Year Things Will be different!!”

“Next year people will listen to our voices and we will be heard”

And next year we will make the changes we want so we can see a

huge improvement in the way Dementia is observed and dealt with.

And I promise you all as I always do that I will try my best to be as

instrumental as is humanly possible to be a part of this change.

God Bless each and every one of you and a special thanks to all the

carers and professionals who help in this fight for change.

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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