The UK is AMAZING when it comes to Dementia!


When It Comes To Dementia!

Our Friends Norrm’s is in the spotlight again, but I have to give a loud round of applause to our friends across the pond in general for their collaborative spirit and drive which is making a difference around the world.  Here is a great example.  The Alzheimer’s Society newsletter is called “Living with Dementia.”  First kudos for the title of the magazine.  It’s about LIVING WITH THE DISEASEnot as the disease!  I am routinely amazed and excited at the progress they make so quickly regarding to the needs of the people.  Overseas they don’t seem to get tied up in politics and procedures the way we do here in the US.  They just join forces and march forward doing the right thing at the right time for those in need.  Below are portions of the Alzheimer’s Society  Newsletter to give you a feel for some of what they are up too.  The newsletter is actually 24 pages long.  I just picked out some of my favorites.  Below the pages I have listed information if you would like to connect with the Alzheimer’s Society.  The original newsletter has large type, but I had to shrink to grab screen shoots, so you may want to sign up for a subscription to their newsletter.

Let’s Join Forces and Shift Our Dementia Care Culture

[youtube=]To Follow the Alzheimer’s Society:

Facebook Page

Youtube Page

Twitter Account    @alzheimerssoc

Online Support Group – Talking Point

Alzheimer’s Society
Devon House
58 St Katharine’s Way
London E1W 1LB
Telephone: 020 7423 3500


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