The Voice of Alzheimer’s disease Speaks

The Voice of Alzheimer’s disease Speaks

Here is a link to an article Gary Joseph LeBLanc, of Commonsense Caregiving and a writer for the Hernando Today Newspaper in Florida, did on our founder Lori La Bey.  Check out the article!

We would also like to add that on our website Alzheimer’s Speaks there is a whole page dedicate to Memory and Alzheimer’s Cafes.  We have even rounded up Mentors to help people learn more and get set up.  Click Here for more information on Memory and Alzheimer’s Cafes.

Please don’t forget that  you can be part of our International Collaborative Resource Directory for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia’s, if you have a tool, product or services that deals with caregiving or dementia.  You can also recommend a resource, tool or product!  Here is the link to become a member and than you can share that you care!  

For additional Resources check out our website



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  1. Lori, Can we schedule a time for me to speak about the “Remember Me Bibs”? I am so hopeful that many people would benefit from my design, and we give 10% from sales to the Alzheimer’s Association for research and programs. I look forward to hearing from you. Gena Haskell

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