The World Is Rocking Against Dementia Today

The World Is Rocking

Against Dementia Today


World Rocks Against Dementia is here, March 19 2016. – 15 Countries, 29 Cities, Worldwide! The ‘ Teaser Track’ for the W.R.A.D Charity Single ‘ Within My Mind’ is now available on SoundCloud!  The lyrics of the song were written by the one and only Norrms McNamara.  For those of you who don’t know Norrms he is a man in his fifties living with Dementia with Lewy Body. Money raised from the sale will go to dementia related organizations and efforts  lust the The Military Wives Choirs Foundation. The full track will be performed at the W.R.A.D launch Event at The Riviera Centre, Torquay on March 19th and will be available to download from ITunes at 2pm on that afternoon.


We are asking for all supporters, organizers of WRAD and anyone who supports the Purple Angel Campaign, please download this single and ask your friends, family and coworkers to do the same.  Lets make history by making a song about Dementia NO 1 For the First ever time !!!

The song is performed by the incredible lead Tenor Tyrone Phillip and The Plymouth Military Wives Choir.

Lyrics: Norm Mac (founder of the Purple Angel Foundation)about living with dementia

Music: Rob Young

Producer: Richard Digby Smith

PERFORMED LIVE for the very first time at the WORLD ROCKS AGAINST DEMENTIA on MARCH 19th 2016, Rivera International Centre. Tickets available here: Torquay.

For additional Resources on Dementia and Caring for those diagnosed

Check out Alzheimer’s Speaks Below


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