They are in there!

They are in there!                                   By Lori La Bey

Here is a response I made to one of our followers, Michelle.  She is struggling with the non responsiveness of her Mother which is a typcial struggle.  Please read and check out the powerful video of Naomi Feil.

Your Mother may not be able to communicate like she used to but beleive me she is still in there.  I’ve seen it time and time again.  I want you to go to this website and watch some short videos.  Be prepared to cry as it is so moving.  The woman in the video is Naomi Feil.  She grew up in Nursing homes and has a whole wonderful and amazing philosophy on communication with Alzheimer’s patients.  I’ve seen her in person.  She is INCREDIBLE! 

Promise me you’ll try to watch this before your visit.  The second video down is the one I for sure want you to watch.  You will see from the video they are inside that shell.

I will also share with a story of my Aunt who was in a coma state dying of cancer when I went to visit her to tell her of a dream I had.  When at the hospital the nurse told me expect no response.  No eyes opening, No squeeze of the hand, no talking, no nothing. 

I sat with her for 45 minutes or so holding her hand and rambling about everything and nothing.  Then I got up my courage to tell her of the dream I had. 

I told her my Uncle Chuck , her husband coming to me in a dream.  He stood at the side of my bed and with a big brillant smile, eyes shining brightly, and his arms held out up to embrace and he said, “Lori tell Kay it’s time to come.  I am here waiting for her and I wll take her over.  Tell her it’s time.  It’s ok.  I’m here”  Then he was gone.

As I told Kay of Uncle Chuck and what he had to say, she squeezed my hand, her eyes popped open, she got this brillant smile on her face as she looked up into the heavens.  Then, another little squeeze of my hand, her eyes shut, but the smile remained.  I stay for a bit longer and then left still in shock of what happened. 

About two hours later I got a phone cal saying my Aunt had passed.  She heard me and I beleive she saw Uncle Chuck too.  They are in there.  We just never know what will trigger a reaction.

Let me know what you think of the video!


4 Replies to “They are in there!”

  1. I am 34 years old and I experience a bad memory for numbers and names. I honestly think it’s worse than other people’s memories. Sometimes I imagine I am missing quite a bit because of memory loss, but I don’t acknowledge what I’m missing because I can’t remember. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

  2. HI Allison,
    I would recommend going to a Doctor that specializing in memory loss. It maybe something simple like your intake of food and water, or your sleeping habits… but it would be best to get it checked out and find out what you can do to correct or at least stabilize the issue.

    Best of luck. I think it is great you are going to address your concerns!


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