Traveling as a Senior – A Panel Discussion on Conscious Caregiving with L & L

This episode of Conscious Caregiving with L & L discusses traveling as a senior. You will find that much of what is talked about is applicable to a variety of visible and invisible disabilities as well. Details on our panelists are listed below along with their contact information.

Make sure you check out the wonderful list of resources towards the end. You will find things like the Sunflower lanyard which discretely informs others you may need assistance, and learn about travel companions and all kinds of tips to make travel easier.

Lance A. Slatton and Lori La Bey facilitate this vitally important conversation on how to support our seniors so they can travel safely and continue to live with purpose, dignity, and independence. Please be

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Jan Dougherty

Jan Dougherty is a nursing expert and leader in dementia care crafting award-winning programs to support people living with dementia and their family caregivers. She is the founder and president of TravALZ, LLC a company focused on dementia-capable travel. Her book entitled, “Travel Well with Dementia: Essential Tips to Enjoy the Journey,” offers the first comprehensive look at supporting travel for people with dementia and their families. Jan is active in creating Dementia Friendly Airports while also certifying professional travel companions to support disabled and older adults to travel with success.

Contact Jan Dougherty



Facebook Dementia TravALZ

Pastor Dave Johnston        

Dave is a retired pastor who has lived with, worked with, traveled with. and loved seniors up to 100+ years old his entire life. He and his wife Jeanie own and operate Jeanie’s Journeys – Tours & Travel.

Contact Dave Johnston with Jeanie’s Journey Tours & Travel


Phone  612-229-5276

Facebook   @Dave Johnston 

Laurie Scherrer                

Laurie Scherrer was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimer’s & FTD at the age of 55. Unable to continue a professional career she turned her focus towards helping others through their dementia journey. Laurie serves on the Dementia Action Alliance Board of Directors.  She is an international speaker and has been featured in many articles and documentaries.

On her website, Laurie shares her feelings, challenges, symptoms, and adjustments in hopes of encouraging other Persons with Dementia and care partners to explore ways to live beyond dementia. Together with her husband Roy, they work hard trying to identify the obstacles that trigger Laurie’s challenges and symptoms and then figure out what adjustments they can make to overcome the barriers. “We don’t automatically accept that I CAN’T do things anymore, instead we try to figure out HOW I CAN.”

Contact  Laurie Scherrer

Her Personal Website

Dementia Action Alliance

Lynn Smith       

Lynn Smith has been involved with the Sunflower program for the last three years, creating awareness, managing products and distribution, and helping companies implement throughout their organizations.   Lynn is also the CMO for The Sourcing Group, the previous North American partner for the Hidden Disabilities program.  She is dedicated to making the Sunflower a national symbol for non-visible disabilities throughout the US. 

Contact  Hidden Disabilities


Create an Account

Facebook   @HDSunflower.US




Reach Out To Lance A. Slatton and Lori La Bey Below

Website –

Check Out All These Amazing Resources & References!

Downloadable PDF’s

Resources & References

Additional Resources


Memory Minders Travel Kits

Dementia Action Alliance Calendar of Events if a Distraction is Needed


Travel Well with Dementia: Essential Tips to Enjoy the Journey

Pathways to Well-Being with Dementia Manual


1 in 10 people in the US have a Hidden disability

Dementia Friendly Air Travel Is Greatly Improving!

Dementia: Travel: You Can Do It!

Do You Travel? Learn About Dementia-Friendly Airports

Making Travel Timeless

Those Living with Dementia Talk About Travel

Travel Agency or Resources

Jeanie’s Journey’s

            Travel Talks

WheelChair Escapes

Special Needs Group

Travel Companions


Senior Travel Companion Services


Traveling with Dementia

Lessons from the Dementia-Friendly Flying Research

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